Friday, March 6, 2009

Review: Good Omens

What do you get when you get an Angel that thinks heaven is boring? How about a demon that will rather live on earth than destroy it? Now just imagine that the apocalypse is about to come about and this Angel and Demon will do anything to prevent the apocalypse from happening. It sounds like fantasy meets mad magazine and that is exactly what has been produced by Terry Pratchett (discworld) and Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere, Stardust). 

I felt that the book diversified too much character-wise. I would have been much happier and more entranced if they had kept to two main characters with a splash of minor characters; instead we have a book with about 4-5 main characters with a splash of minor characters, too much for a one off book. However there have been many times when I have literally laughed out and loud because the satirical genius that is Pratchett does shine in this book even if it is a collboration with Gaiman. Perhaps Pratchett had too much influcence in this book because it was written in 1990 before Gaiman had any stand out novels printed (only his Sandman work was of any worthy note at this time) because I couldn't really sense Gaiman in this book. I felt that I could really feel this book influencing his American God's book and in a sense AG was a better unfunnier version of Good Omens. An enjoyable funny read but perhaps my tastes are more focused towards fine tuned storyline rather than aimless funny story.


Michael Aaron Casares said...

Wonderful! I loved this book. I agree, Pratchett's voice shines through in this novel, (and he was a seasoned satirist by the writing of this book). I honestly feel that a lot characteristics of Pratchett's wittiness and verbiage radiate in a lot of Gaiman novels. I'm not saying Gaiman copied Pratchett's style, but with the absence of Discworld characters and Pratchett's slightly off-beat humor, I couldn't tell the two apart. Unless its an English thing. Cheers.

Enchante said...

Yeah, seems like you have mirrored what I have said with more words =)

I'll probably read Coraline soon and review that. Something of Gaiman's that I have wanted to read for a long time.