Friday, January 15, 2010

Review: Bookmarks

I thought I would do something a little different than usual. This item is pretty much essential to all readers of books but is never really talked about. I don't go into a lot of detail but try to enlighten you guys and put a little bit of humour into it as well.

bookmark is a thin marker, used to keep one's place in a book when the book is put down, and allows the reader to return to it with ease.

As I was growing up, a bookmark was something set in stone for me. It was a piece of paper or card and it was laminated. Now it is a different story. I was inspired to write this article after receiving what is probably the best bookmark in the world.

I want to breakdown the different types of common bookmarks people use these days.

I was going to say this is perhaps one of the oldest forms of bookmarks, but the more I thought about it the more I think I am wrong. It is perhaps one of the most recent forms of bookmarks, and the worst. Why is it the most recent? Well because paper and books were scarce a few hundred years ago and it would have been sacrilege to have bent pages in the book (I still feel this way about dog ears).

Pros: You don't need a real book mark.
Cons: I regard you as a lower life form than an amoeba.

Probably the oldest form of bookmark. A bound bookmark is usually a piece of thin fabric that is attached to the book itself. Prevalent in older books or books that are leather bound. Now it is usually found in bibles.

Pros: Right there when you need it.
Non-transferable.....unless you really want to

First used by the filthy rich and now by the most common of people. Quite a prevalent form of bookmark these days. Used because it is handy.

Pros: Usually readily available. You can also use the $1, $5, $20, $50 or $100 bill.
Cons: Don't use them for library books or borrowed books. You might find yourself poorer.

Laminated bookmarks are probably the most prevalent kind of bookmarks these days. They can be bought straight up from a store or they can be made. An excellent activity to do with your kids.

Pros: Looks good, can be personalised, lasts a long time.
Cons: Feeling guilty when you lose one that someone made for you, but then feel utterly relieved when you find it a day later on the street!

Probably the best bookmark in the world. Seriously. Just look at it! I received this from a friend for Christmas 09' and I must say, it has been my favourite. It is a little bit smaller than a small sized paperback and only a few millimeters thick.

Look at me rambling.

The fabric bookmark is becoming more popular these days. They come in different sizes and usually are in the shape of a normal bookmark. Felt is a common fabric to use and can be also layered with other different coloured felt to give it a cool effect.

Pros: Way more stylish than laminated ones. Also has all their pros.
Cons: Harder to make than laminated ones, can get dirty.

I hope that I've made you think a little more about bookmarks now. Yes I know there are other forms of bookmarks, but these are the ones that are worth writing about.

Just another reminder to look at my sexy sexy bookmark.


Carin said...

I become really attached to my bookmarks. The last year or two I used one I got from my dog's vet's office. When it got ruined, I asked them for more. They gave me a whole stack of them! I also like collecting the free bookmarks from bookstores I visit when I travel. Kinda geeky, but oh well!

Enchanté said...

I've never thought about collecting bookmarks. It could get really expensive! The only way you could do it would be to collect the free ones!

Geeky? Who cares...we all are!

Kat said...

I like collecting free bookmarks. I remember when I was a kid the library would give out a different coloured bookmark for each book genre you took out. Such a cool idea!

Lawrl said...

I have an addiction to bookmarks. The trouble is that I usually keep them in the book I finish reading. Or, when I'm through with the book, I'll toss the bookmark to the side and then spend days searching for it.

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I haven't logged in FOREVER and it was cool to be able to see someone had left such a great comment. You had some very good ideas. Thanks again!

Bob McKerrow said...

I stumbled across your blog today and really enjoyed your current posting, and the rest of your blog. I get annoyed with people who mark the page by folding the corner of the page. I use a combination of book marks, credit card tabs, thin wooden ones I bought in KL and Central Asia and ones I make myself. My books are full of letters, photos, newspaper cuttings which relate to that topic or the author. It is so exciting buying a second hand book and discovering a treasure trove of cuttings, leaves and letters inside.

My nephew brought me a feather pen back from London recently and I saved the light cardboard stiifening in the plastic package that has sketches of the Tower of London and early Queens and Kings. It is 12 inches long and can be folded in hal. So elegant.

I have quite a fremarkable collection of books. Recently I gave one away to a good friend and I wrote about it. Here is the link:

Best wishes