Friday, December 31, 2010

Review: Fool Moon

Harry Dresden has been out of work for the last few months. Things are bad. Well...if you consider not knowing when the next pay check is coming in, worrying about feeding yourself and whether or not your friends are keeping on contact bad...then yeah...things are really bad for Harry Dresden. However, Murphy (Harry's friend) who worked in Special Investigations for the Chicago Police Department rings Harry after months of non-contact. A murder? Someone who's face has been eviscerated? Body disembowel? Paw marks? Harry knows what is going on...even a fool does.

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher is the 2nd book of the Dresden Files. As a lot of you may know, the Dresden Files is already a successful TV series, but books and TV are a lot different.

What I can tell you is that I loved this book. It was even better than his first book. Harry's quick witted humour makes you laugh often and his heroism is tempered with believable fight scenes (if you accept that fact that magic does).

Butcher skill in writing is his ability to get you to love his main character, his cliffhanger chapters which cause you to read on and on, and his ability to adapt and denounce what you though you knew of about mythology.

We all know what werewolves are. We've seen lots of films and read things about them, but Butcher takes what you know, smashes them and then reconstructs them for you.

If you haven't read this series before, then do so. I was told that his series picks up after book 3...that information is picks up now!


Anonymous said...

Why are you calling these reviews?
These are your personal likes and dislikes. In anoher words your blog. What is your goal with all of this? Get peple to read your favs? Why? Are your working for these authors, because reviews like this are flooding Amazon and sites like that to sell these books. And when someone is telling me to go and get something as soon as posible, I'm suspicious. Also when you are telling me not to read something it's your personal opinion because you didn't tell me why is so bad and why is another book better. Do you really think that people like someone telling them what not to read or run and get it without any reason but because you don't like it?
Another thing, these reviews might make sense to someone who is already into fantasy, I'm not and you didn't convince me to read any of these. Actually I wil read Farenheit 451.
Think about it , if your goal is to give your opinion and thoughts then fine. If you want to review books that people are already reading, what's the point? What about me? I like to read occasional Urban Fantasy, but who is this Butcher's character? Is he some kind of a paranormal detective? Is he Blade, only fighting werewolves instead of vampires?
All the luck.

Enchanté said...

Are not all reviews about personal likes and dislikes? No person is objective when reviewing books/movies because we all have past experiences which dictate what we like and dislike.

As for a goal. I just want people to enjoy good fantasy books. Occasionally I do write a few negative reviews but I am picky about which books I read so I tend to read lots that I do enjoy.

If you read through my blog I have a variety of fantasy/sci-fi books, some new and some are timeless classics.

I don't tell my readers to read them, but I encourage them because I think they are good. What will most likely get people to read books is if they have liked other books I have reviewed. If they have enjoyed reading A+B and I gave A+B positive reviews, then their chances of liking C is probable.

Sorry if you aren't into fantasy, but all the books I do review are fantasy and sci-fi.

As for reviewing this book. I didn't go into too much detail about the character because it isn't the first book. Perhaps I should as I do want people to go and read the first book first.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

p.s. I don't make money off these. As you can see I don't even have adsense. Someone like Jim Butcher doesn't need me to promote his books.